You could be forgiven for thinking that business newsletters are getting a bit long in the tooth. The opposite is true. Well-written, informative and regular email newsletters result in loyal readers and higher-quality leads that become the clients you love to help.

Newsletters in the finance industry don’t have to be limited to tax time tips or snooze-worthy superfund facts. You’ve got a real opportunity to show your readers interesting and invaluable insights in a way that’s engaging and keeps them reading for years to come.

But what if you’re not good with words? What if all you know are the numbers? Good news: not only am I an experienced newsletter writer, I’m well versed in all things finance thanks to years of doing what you do—running a thriving accounting or financial services business. 



Stay at the forefront of your client’s minds by connecting with them through the one place they visit daily: their inbox. Email is still the preferred way for clients to engage with brands. 99% of email users check their email every day. Don’t miss an opportunity to get more eyes on your brand and instil the confidence that clients and prospects need to choose you as their trusted accountant or financial services provider.

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But never dull. Email newsletters tailored to your brand are the key to engagement. We’ll include tips, tricks, event invites, behind the scenes features and industry news.

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Engage your audience in a story. Make them feel part of the conversation by sharing practical ‘secrets’ about your business and industry.

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Keep your audience informed with focused newsletter content that is helpful and keeps them informed of what matters most to them.

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Shine a light on your business with newsletters that are customised to the services you offer. Don’t be generic—be different.

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Knock the socks off your website visitors by taking your business blogging to the next level. Download this powerful guide for all the tips, tricks and explanations you need to write blog articles that turn readers into clients.

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Nearly everyone needs an accountant or a financial services provider at some point in their life. So are you going to take a back seat and keep producing inconsistent newsletters that miss the mark? Or are you keen to stay ahead of the game and your competitors? Work with me as your newsletter writer and we’ll produce content that keeps readers hanging on for the next email and booking your services.

  • Affordable newsletter packages

  • Strategy development

  • Content planning

  • Professional copywriting

  • Written in your brand voice

Successful email newsletters start with the subject line and end with the call to action. Improve your open rates and attract more of the right clients by working with a newsletter writer who understands your audience inside out.

EMAIL Newsletter FAQS

This one is simple—we do it together. I have years of experience working in the financial sector, so I understand your audience and industry. But you know your clients and your business best. During our strategy session, we’ll identify what content is best suited to your business and is most likely to be enjoyed by the clients you most want to work with.

I’m glad you asked. The great thing about email newsletters is that once you’ve sent them, you’ve got a stack of data that can help you make better decisions moving forward. We can look at what has and hasn’t worked in the past and develop a strategy that pays dividends. It really is possible to nail your newsletters and create long valuable relationships with clients.

Let’s jump on a call, and I’ll tell you how.

No. Generally, I’ll write the newsletters in Word or Google Docs so it’s easy for you to copy and paste into your email marketing platform. I’ll let you know where links should be, and I’ll give you my suggestions on layout. Setting up your campaigns is easier and you retain complete control over your email marketing platform.